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Child Nutrition

Make Time for School Breakfast

Eat 5 A Day - Fruits and veggies


The school breakfast program offers kids a nutritious breakfast so they can start their day off right.  Children who eat a good breakfast develop healthy eating habits, visit the school nurse less frequently, and are less likely to be obese.  


What are some of the positive outcomes?

 Improved Health

Research has shown that when comparing children who do not eat breakfast or eat breakfast at home to those that eat breakfast at school:

  • have improved nutrition
  • eat more fruits
  • drink more milk
  • consume a wider variety of foods
  • are less likely to be overweight

 Academic Achievement

Studies have also shown that students who eat school breakfast increase their math and reading scores and also perform better on standardized tests.

 Economically Beneficial and Convenient for Families

Tight budgets and time constraints can cause many children to miss breakfast every morning.  The school breakfast program was created to assist with income limitations and also provide options for the families with schedules that will allow for a sit-down breakfast each day.

Please join us in promoting a healthy school breakfast each day.  You can visit these resources for more information: